Postnatal Yoga

Teaching postnatal yoga is really lovely, seeing the mamas and their new babies enjoying some time together and working on themselves. But what makes postnatal yoga different to mum and baby yoga? The main difference it is all for you! As part of my pregnancy yoga training we learnt about postnatal care and some mum […]

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Pregnancy Yoga

Teaching pregnancy yoga is an actual joy, seeing the journey of mamas-to-be as their bump and baby grows, how they change and prepare for the arrival of their baby and sometimes I even get to meet that baby at postnatal yoga which is extra lovely. I like to joke that I Ommmmm’d my baby out […]

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Take a Yoga Lunch Break

Your lunch break is a precious thing, I remember working 9-5 and counting down the minutes until lunch so I could get away from my computer and get outside or just do anything to clear my brain a bit. Whether your job involves sitting at a desk or not its still great to get away, […]

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A Yogi in the Snow (Part 2)

We have eased into a pretty awesome way of life, hitting the slopes in the morning while the little dude is at ‘Ladies house’ (That’s what he calls daycare) then having lunch as a family or sometimes sneaking off to our favourite café together before picking Seth up. After lunch the Mister works and me […]

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