I’m Just Here for Savasana

Some people might not know this but Savasana, or relaxation, at the end of class is still part of your practice and is actually an Asana.  Savasana or Corpse pose (lovely) is just as important as the rest of the practice and maybe one of the hardest for a lot of people. Personally I love it […]

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I Love Slippers

I got some new slippers! Big whoop I hear you say? Well it is because these Mahabis slippers are cool. These are slippers with an innovative design they look sleek and modern an are super snuggly. The back section is made of a grippy neoprene type fabric which means they never slip off or the […]

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Yoga Fashion & Function

Until recently I pretty much wore anything that was comfy and not too scruffy when I went to teach a class, then I decided to splash out on a full Sweaty Betty outfit that that was made for yoga and that was it! I didn’t spend the whole class readjusting my vest or bra, my leggings […]

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Yoga Mama – Babywearing & Yoga

I’ve been running a Postnatal yoga class now for about 2 years its focus is on mum rather than baby with Asana chosen to help with pelvic floor and core strength and to heal common problems such as split abdominal muscles. My fellow Yoga Mama Lindsay and I originally started the class so we could take our […]

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