Book review: Hell Bent (Benjamin Lorr)

81c8dfd936fb44beafda0fadfd156dd9.jpg_srb_p_510_340_75_22_0.50_1.20_0I heard about this book and it immediately caught my interest, personally I hate being hot blugh! Summer holidays are usually spent in Britain with our main holiday being snowboarding early in the year. However I do love Yoga but doing yoga and being hot? hmmmmm There has been a lot of bad press around Mr Choudhury which made me curious and this book claims to be an ‘unbiased’ look into the word of Bikram Yoga I wondered if that could be true and , to be fair, I think it is.

Benjamin Lorr in no way influences the reader one way or another and manages to state things as they are without projecting his personal opinions. It’s an interesting and witty look at the practice itself, the people who are attracted to it, the secret groups and the strange ‘culture’ that surrounds Bikram. Benjamin Lorr has written about his experiences and the experiences of others that were part of the Bikram inner circle at the time, it seems that to be a teacher of Bikram is just as difficult as being a student, how could you choose a job that one man could ostracise you from in an instant? I would definitely recommend this book to anyone it’s not often you come across a personal book about yoga and it’s just plain interesting! I honestly couldn’t put it down.


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