Yoga Mama – Babywearing & Yoga

10469321_780116175344919_2853778744238495148_nI’ve been running a Postnatal yoga class now for about 2 years its focus is on mum rather than baby with Asana chosen to help with pelvic floor and core strength and to heal common problems such as split abdominal muscles. My fellow Yoga Mama Lindsay and I originally started the class so we could take our boys to work and noticed there were no classes that focussed on mum! So Yoga Mama was born! The original idea was to be a babywearing class so the sequence was based around the ability to wear baby in a sling so where to start?

Finding the Right Sling

The carrier that works best for you and your baby may change as your baby grows. Seth was in a stretchy wrap for about the first 6 months it was the most comfy and easy for me but some people can’t get on with it. I bought an Ergo which as great but once Seth moved onto my back wasn’t happy with it so moved on to a Podeigi and woven wraps, in my opinion wovens are the best if you can deal with the art of wrapping there is a world of beauty out there for every price range.

For help with all kinds of Slings you can contact Nicola at the west Yorkshire sling library she is amazing and does great workshops

Where does this fit in with Yoga?

Either new or experienced Yoginis can see its going to be harder trying to do yoga with the extra weight strapped to you also the possible bulk of the sling used. Asana are easier with baby on your back but the fact is mums who come to postnatal yoga usually have new babies so its front wearing only, this means you need to:

  • Leave space for baby  – just like you would have when you were pregnant always taking it more easy in poses than you may want to.
  • Leave space in your shoulders – you will have straps over your shoulders so in poses you would have palms together above your head always leave shoulder width apart.
  • Be Prepared to bounce – lets face it babies get bored so you may need to move in your asana; bouncing, swaying or jigging baby. Hey, its an extra workout!

Babywearing allows you to stay close to baby and enjoy everyday life knowing they are close and safe, baby gets to interact with the world at the same level as you and see the world either through your face or as you see it from over your shoulder, what could be better?

Coming next….. Yoga poses for Babywearing


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