Yoga Fashion & Function

Until recently I pretty much wore anything that was comfy and not too scruffy when I went to teach a class, then I decided to splash out on a full Sweaty Betty outfit that that was made for yoga and that was it! I didn’t spend the whole class readjusting my vest or bra, my leggings don’t split after a few wears – a revelation its worth spending the money! So here is a few of my favourite items if you need some inspirations

The Power of Greyskull – Geo Leggings –

Sam_Geo-0396These leggings are handmade in Cardiff, I love them I always get compliments and because they were handmade I had them made to my leg measurements and with a ‘sports crotch’ insert which makes them perfect for yoga I know they will stand the test of time they come in many jazzy and quirky prints and cost a measly £32.95 what’s not to love!

Sweaty Betty – Brahma Bamboo Yoga Bra –

sb1502a_granitegreyThis is such a comfy bra (£40), the bamboo is so soft it doesn’t dig in at all. The straps are delicate and feminine and still supportive I also like that the padding is removable, basically you can’t go wrong with anything from Sweaty Betty.

Grizzly Love – Buddha Tshirt –

il_570xN.382328534_gfhlThis  an American shop but the designs are funky and the fit of the tops (£16) are great, loose yet flattering. They also do mens clothing, leggings, beautiful jewellery and even kids clothing so the whole family can match if that’s your hearts desire.

Need some Mala beads to help with your meditation?

11401557_940150979341437_2113132281035206510_nHow about these beauties (£25), 108 beads made of white jade and lava stone White Jade carries the properties of turning dreams into reality and inspiring one to accomplishment. Lava Stone embodies strength and fertility, and helps to dissipate anger. Handmade with love by me.


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