I Love Slippers

I got some new slippers! Big whoop I hear you say? Well it is because these Mahabis slippers are cool.

block-brand-3 MC-B-LG-GG-2

These are slippers with an innovative design they look sleek and modern an are super snuggly. The back section is made of a grippy neoprene type fabric which means they never slip off or the can be folded down do create a slip on shoe.

Where these slippers differ is the sole, it is removable, flexible and comes it lots of bright colours.

I’ll be honest when I got them I thought that’s a great gimmick but I’ll never wear them out – how wrong I was! I wear them out to the garden to get logs for the fire, I wear them to the local shop and I definitely wear them to yoga class. They are particularly great for going to yoga as I go bare foot and the Mahabis slippers are lined with sheeps wool and are so warm its crazy. I can’t stop wearing them


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