Reasons to (Yoga) Retreat

So, why would you go on a Yoga retreat? To some the answer might be obvious but to others it might be a mystery. Isn’t it just a bunch of hippies? (no) Do I have to be an experienced yogi? (Nope) What if I’m not veggie? (no matter)  Is everyone naked and wearing flower crowns?! Gasp…


Reason 1 – Relax…….

You’ve been working and living hard and you just need a day or two to shut off and relax on retreat you can do this! Sit about, read a book, get a massage, yoga, meditation, relaxation and sleep! All your food is cooked for you everything is taken care of just turn up and enjoy.

Reason 2 – Learn

To be honest you don’t really need to read past reason one but here’s another; take the opportunity to learn, learn yoga, or maybe you are deepening your yoga practice or meditation, maybe you have some lessons to learn about yourself. If you are one of those people who can’t shut off and need to be forced, learn to be quiet away from the world and let your mind wander.

Reason 3 – Complete luxury

My retreat is intended to step it up a bit, beautiful accommodation, a welcome hamper full of local produce and wine (yes that’s allowed), onsite spa and king size beds, oh, and don’t forget top notch teaching of course.


Reason 4 –  Yorkshire

What could be better than a retreat in the spring in the Yorkshire dales? Not much! The surroundings are beautiful and you can enjoy them with a walk, hire a bike or even go horse riding.


Ok, you’ve seen through my plan, all these reasons are 100% true and also shameless advertising for my own retreat so you may as well take a look at the retreat page or get in touch

Don’t forget your flower crown! (just kidding)



2 thoughts on “Reasons to (Yoga) Retreat

    • sianwillow

      Retreats are ace but unfortunately the cost of running them is quite high, its all a learning curve though, if you share a room it is a lot cheaper and I’m happy to take instalment payments. thanks for you feedback, Namaste xxx


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