A Yogi In The Snow (Part 1)

I’m away from work for 3 weeks! My family and I are on an adventure in Hemsedal, Norway and its ace! We have rented a beautiful house complete with open fires, a crazy amount of sheepskins and an amazing view of the slopes. It was a long journey with an overnight stay in Bergen and a 5 hour (very scenic) train ride so I’m glad we’re here for a while.

When we arrived it was a fricking freezing minus 17 degrees! The snow was good and we spend the mornings on they slopes getting back into the groove. I have a new board which I’ve never used before and its awesome to have my own and know that’s its right for me instead of the rental boards that you might need to swap and change to get right. The Mister is a lot faster than me but I tried my best to keep up while figuring out the correct set up for my board.

I’ll admit I may have forgotten to support my first day on the slopes with yoga and I totally felt it, aches in my legs, back and shoulders also pain in my knee its cool though as it helps me remember what to work on and start to build up my plan for my ‘We are Yoga for the Slopes’ workshop in February https://www.wearewellness.co.uk . Since then I have practiced everyday and its helped loads, lots of ideas in the brain bank.

We may have drank too much wine/gin/vodka one night so had a break from the slopes and the weather started to warm to minus 1 degrees, the snow isn’t great now and after a bash to the head decided to have a day off and trundled into town for a yum lunch in a lovely café called Elmas’ where we had healthy food and a nice time out to prepare for the coming snow, can’t wait!


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