A Yogi in the Snow (Part 2)

We have eased into a pretty awesome way of life, hitting the slopes in the morning while the little dude is at ‘Ladies house’ (That’s what he calls daycare) then having lunch as a family or sometimes sneaking off to our favourite café together before picking Seth up. After lunch the Mister works and me and Seth do some yoga or play or just hang out and watch videos of people opening kinder eggs on youtube (strange child). After the first week of bone chilling temperatures it warmed up to a mild minus 4-ish there was no snow and it got a bit icy which was no fun (cracked my head on the floor) but fear not the snow came in full force and we were happy again!

I planned to get some super cool yoga shots in the snow for this post but never got round to it whoops! Oh well sometimes you just gotta enjoy life and forget about Instagram posts! I feel like boarding every day is definitely making me feel fitter but I’m probably not improving much seen as I have a weird fear of injuring myself this time. We tried some off piste and down an pretty bumpy un-groomed black, well, that was interesting! I made it though whoop whoop!

Seth Bear had his ski lessons he wasn’t so great at listening but still managed to slalom down the kiddies slope, pretty impressive I reckon, all the while looking cute in his snow gear. On our last day in Hemsedal it managed to look more beautiful than it had the whole time we were there. We finished the holiday with a stopover in Bergen which was rainy and I guess preparing us for the weather at home. Bergen is a pretty city with colourful houses and rainbows (when we were there anyway) It was a bit of a downer though seen as we didn’t wait to go home, next time we’ll be going for 6 weeks….. or forever.