Take a Yoga Lunch Break

Your lunch break is a precious thing, I remember working 9-5 and counting down the minutes until lunch so I could get away from my computer and get outside or just do anything to clear my brain a bit. Whether your job involves sitting at a desk or not its still great to get away, lunchtime yoga is great for this! Here are some benefits:

  1. Get some head space – forget about your spreadsheets and customers or boss, take that 2 minutes at the beginning of class to let all that filter out before you start your practice then all you need to think is Inhale, Exhale. Bliss
  2. Move – if you’re sitting all day stretch out that back and those tense shoulders and neck, if you’re standing all day enjoy the sitting or just the movement.
  3. Get away – just leaving the office/workplace and seeing a different environment and different people can leave you completely refreshed and and ready to take on the afternoon
  4. De-stress – you can put as much or as little into your own practice as you like, maybe you need to take it easy maybe you need to move hard and fast to get out any annoyances of the day.
  5. Better mood– getting out of the office and doing something for your self can mean you go back to the office in a better mood and can basically stop you from being a dick, the most important benefit of all!

If you don’t work then all these benefits still stand I know getting a yoga lunch break from life helps me get though a tough day parenting.

So don’t be a dick, do some yoga! I think that will be my new catchphrase ha.

We are Lunchtime classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  at We are Wellness Lunchtime classes



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