Life is Better when you’re Laughing

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about what kind of teacher I am, what kind of teacher I want to be and also what kind of teacher other people think I am. That’s a lot of thinking!

Something that surprised me, people seem to think I’m funny, I hadn’t realised! I teach a beginners course and feel its really important to make these people who have never tried yoga before to feel as comfortable as possible hopefully I manage it. A lovely friend who owns the studio I teach this course at commented how wonderful it was to hear so much laughter coming from the studio and asked what was so funny, I honestly don’t know! Just me acting like an idiot probably! I Have decided this works for me and to embrace it, don’t take your practice too seriously, have fun with it and as your teacher I won’t take myself too seriously either. If laughing at me or yourself means you have a more joyful practice go for it!

“Laughter is the fireworks of the soul”

Have you ever seen Laughter Yoga? It exists I promise, recently a gorgeous friend and I went to the Om Yoga Show and happened to see a laughter yoga class and I have to say it was amazing. People were laughing at the top of their voices, turning to each other and sharing their laughter, hugging and shaking hands. It was really inclusive and a joy to watch some people looked awkward but that soon fell away because everyone was doing the same thing.

So, I’m not saying go to laughter yoga, maybe that’s not your thing but try to include some joy or laughter in your own practice, fall from your handstand and laugh about it instead of getting annoyed, accidentally fart in a public class? Laugh about it, if nothing else it’ll cover up the *parp* Even smiling while doing your most hated pose can make life better, now go forth and enjoy.