Pregnancy Yoga

Teaching pregnancy yoga is an actual joy, seeing the journey of mamas-to-be as their bump and baby grows, how they change and prepare for the arrival of their baby and sometimes I even get to meet that baby at postnatal yoga which is extra lovely.

I like to joke that I Ommmmm’d my baby out while adopting a lovely Garland pose, I wish that were true but it ain’t! Lets face it pregnancy isn’t all calm smiles, caressing your bump and glowing skin, it can but really crappy. When you’re pregnant you can be so tired, sick, in pain, or even just plain scared this is why pregnancy yoga is so wonderful; you go to a class and meet a group of women in exactly the same boat as you, you may not even talk to each other during class but chances are you are all feeling the same way.

Pregnancy yoga is so wonderful, you go to a class and meet a group of women all in the same boat as you

During a pregnancy yoga class you learn breathing exercises that can help you bond with your baby, cope while in labour or just plain help you to get to sleep. The yoga poses we do help support your changing bodies and help you avoid or lessen some common pregnancy ailments,  we always finish with a long relaxation and chocolate, if you come to class and are very tired you can just lie down for the whole class. The point of pregnancy yoga is that you get from it what you need whether it be rest, movement, friends, sleep, confidence or even if you just come for the chocolate, come and do something for yourself.

To see what its all about come and join me for a workshop with some lovely added extras at We are wellness on 12th August.

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