Fresh Starts – Learn to Love Monday

Power YoganewThis last year has been one of new beginnings for me, a new baby in November, then starting back and work again felt all new again especially getting used to my ‘new’ body. Another new thing is I decided to do away with working in the evenings, this is our family time and to be honest hours of the evening is spent on putting the kids to bed so I thought the best way to balance this is by starting a new morning class!

Now, I know most people hate Mondays, blue Mondays, back to work, blugh. But me, I love Mondays, being a yoga teacher and a mam I don’t really have that 9-5 life so Monday mornings and Friday afternoons don’t have that same feeling. I like to see each Monday as a fresh start and I start the week with higher energy that starts to ebb as the week goes on, so what better than a class first thing on a Monday morning? Nothing that’s what!

Another new beginning (ok I’ll stop saying that now) that happened is that my eldest bear son started primary school so now I have to get used to school run every day along with many other parents, so my new class starts at the perfect time for you to get there straight after the school run, no sitting down until you hit your mat people. It’ll be fun energetic and set you up for the day maybe even the week, and if you need more convincing here are some benefits to exercising in the morning:

  • Improved Productivity – Exercising increases your productivity and gets your endorphins going. You’ll be more awake and ready to tackle your day by giving yourself that extra energy boost. Working out can increase your mental clarity for four to 10 hours post-exercise! Better than your morning 3 cups of tea ay?
  • Boosted Metabolism – the benefits of your workout linger throughout the day and you continue to burn calories that’s way better than exercising in the evenings and then going home and laying down.
  • Improve your mood – There is a famous saying “you’re only one yoga class away from a good mood” this is totally true, go into the rest of your day happy and knowing that once your day is done you don’t have to then drag your ass out to class. Bonus!

So set your self up with a fun Power Yoga class straight after the Monday school run 9:30am at We are Wellness. If you need any extra motivation Book Now then  you have no excuse! If you’re lucky there might be morning treats like a smoothie or cake as an added bonus.


Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal YogaTeaching postnatal yoga is really lovely, seeing the mamas and their new babies enjoying some time together and working on themselves. But what makes postnatal yoga different to mum and baby yoga? The main difference it is all for you! As part of my pregnancy yoga training we learnt about postnatal care and some mum and baby yoga then after I had a baby I really wanted to start teaching again but it was hard to expect someone else to look after a little un so I wanted to take him with me and the postnatal class was born. I drew on all my training, my personal experience and did loads of research to put together the perfect class:

  • Simple, straight forward instruction – lets face it your main focus is baby so you don’t want to be loaded down with loads of instruction that might not even make sense to you!
  • Focus on neck and shoulders – problem areas when feeding and carrying baby
  • Gently building up core strength – get your core back without high intensity exercise that could hinder your postnatal recovery
  • Ideal yoga poses especially for postnatal issues included in every class – work your pelvic floor without even realising and encourage the abdominal muscles back together with twists.
  • Freedom to do what you want – even though this class is for you, you still have baby and you are free to attend to any need they might have during class in the studio, sometimes you manage to join in with the whole class, sometimes not and that’s ok.
  • Get moving again! – this is not a fluffy gentle class, its active and can be strong but you have to be careful to listen to your body so as not to push yourself too hard. Its also very important to share any postnatal issues with your teacher.

So come along to Yoga Kula at 11:30 on Monday and join other local mums taking time for yourself amid the many baby groups.