Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal YogaTeaching postnatal yoga is really lovely, seeing the mamas and their new babies enjoying some time together and working on themselves. But what makes postnatal yoga different to mum and baby yoga? The main difference it is all for you! As part of my pregnancy yoga training we learnt about postnatal care and some mum and baby yoga then after I had a baby I really wanted to start teaching again but it was hard to expect someone else to look after a little un so I wanted to take him with me and the postnatal class was born. I drew on all my training, my personal experience and did loads of research to put together the perfect class:

  • Simple, straight forward instruction – lets face it your main focus is baby so you don’t want to be loaded down with loads of instruction that might not even make sense to you!
  • Focus on neck and shoulders – problem areas when feeding and carrying baby
  • Gently building up core strength – get your core back without high intensity exercise that could hinder your postnatal recovery
  • Ideal yoga poses especially for postnatal issues included in every class – work your pelvic floor without even realising and encourage the abdominal muscles back together with twists.
  • Freedom to do what you want – even though this class is for you, you still have baby and you are free to attend to any need they might have during class in the studio, sometimes you manage to join in with the whole class, sometimes not and that’s ok.
  • Get moving again! – this is not a fluffy gentle class, its active and can be strong but you have to be careful to listen to your body so as not to push yourself too hard. Its also very important to share any postnatal issues with your teacher.

So come along to Yoga Kula at 11:30 on Monday and join other local mums taking time for yourself amid the many baby groups.


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