Now then Mardy Bum

In the words of the Arctic Monkeys I’ve been a Mardybum at the moment, tiredness plus boredom equals mardy. The toddler has been cutting four molars which seems to be taking FORVER which means not much sleep and lots of whinging, and now this week he’s been pretty ill. Last night he went to bed like normal but then woke up and I could not get him back to sleep until 3:30am, yep we were up watching the Gruffalo because my tired, aching body couldn’t do it anymore. Today I was busy wallowing, but then I noticed FFS Sian you’re sat in a hammock, in the sunshine listening to Jack Johnson while the little one potters in the garden, what is wrong with that? Nothing, actually its great! So I had a word with myself, to me this is everyday mindfulness and being present. If you’re feeling rubbish have a word with yourself, notice what you’re doing at that very moment, it might not be so bad.

Bad things from today:

  • Less than 4 hours sleep
  • Very short naptime from the little
  • About an hour of crying after waking up from that nap
  • Irrational crying from tiredness (from me haha)


Good things that happened today:

  • Got to sit and cuddle for a while and watch the last few episodes of Roadies (it’s Kenny’s fave).
  • It was sunny
  • Got to relax in the hammock
  • It was sunny
  • Managed to roll out my mat for some yoga with the pooch
  • It was sunny


If you’re also a tired mum come and join the gang on 12th may for a postnatal workshop Book Here we can all hug each other and eat cake and caffinate, maybe do some yoga.


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