Postnatal Home Practice Workshop May 12th 22:30pm

This postnatal workshop is aimed at any yoga mama no matter how old your baby, maybe you never made it to a class or maybe your baby is too old for you to come to class now but you still feel like to need a yoga practice specifically designed for you, well here it is! We will find out what specific postnatal needs you have and work for them, including a proper strengthening yoga practice and exercises aimed at the main niggles you get from carrying and feeding and generally caring for a child. These include neck, shoulder, spine and wrists, core strength exercises, pelvic floor exercises and a workout that specifically targets Diastasis Recti (split abdominal muscles).
In a normal postnatal class everything is simplified for you, lets face it your main focus is on your baby so we don’t go into detail explaining everything and just get on with what you can, in this workshop everything will be explained so you know exactly why we are doing the exercise and how they work. To make this extra special we will also provide access to videos showing you the exercises and an accompanying Ebook to help you carry on at home should you want to. Please note this workshop is to come without your baby however if this is impossible please get in touch to see what we can do.


Yoga Brunch

Before the pressure, before the rush, step away from the madness of the season and join Sian and Frances for a nourishing morning where the focus is on YOU!
Find your centre this season through 90 minutes of Power Yoga. Challenge yourself through standing flow sequences, enjoy a splash of ashtanga and strong playful arm balances, and finish with a slower seated sequence which guides you seamlessly into a deep and relaxing savasana.

After working hard, take comfort in a deliciously warm Ayurvedic Chai infusion, before indulging in a nurturing middle eastern inspired vegetarian feast, followed by a scumptiously decadent dessert all lovingly prepared by Frances.
You will leave feeling strong, invigorated, rested and nourished, with a skip in your step and a happy belly!
We can’t wait to look after you!

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